Swap Drop and Roll: A SatisFactory Pokemon Guide


np: Michael Jackson - "Mon in the Mirror" (DW mix)
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i love you glen this makes me want to play again even though i luckboxed my way to 51 with hardly any duress
It woud be amazing if a team of 20-30 did this, and you did this by yourself(with some hlep from jumpman 16 of couse), I dont think they have a language to discribe this. Just WOW.
Thanks to this post I managed to reach Battle 42 thanks to CB dragonite, after which I died to set 1 Gardevoir. BS confusionhax :(


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good times with this boss. fuckin took out a 100% slacking by just pressing stone edge
If we can't get this as a formal article, this needs to be stickied for great justice.

Glen went through hell, came back, then went back because he dropped his wallet somewhere in the circle of violence to get this article written.


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Well, this sucks...another informative, interesting piece I'm about to waste several sheets of paper printing out. (which is weird, because I have no desire to ever go back to 4th gen Frontier.)
Still, it'll help me compare to Subway/Maison sets, and possibly inspire me to replicate a few of these sets (although I've already replicated Vespiquen4, so I'm on my way in that regard).
I will also give a belated thx to Glen , if nothing else this guide surprised me with a few sets listed that have lasted until the present day (Exeggutor3 in particular).
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